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Dear Memberz of the apocalyptic Adventurez in Motion & CARTOoNZ, MOTiONCARToONZ ‘n’ flowin’ iMPACT MOVEZ 4 GROOVY DoOoM Yo!

Many time flashez have passed, and lucky around the beginning DOoOmzDayz I found Madame Zeweçkasul while she was under my near friendz in da HOoD ~ unrecognized, unlucky fallen in LOVE with searching me, Dokthor N., ~PEGASUS~ ONE a.k.a. JUPiTERR LUZiFERR JESUS DiONYSOS ONE from OLYMP!

Even her long RED hair was hidden from my loving perception, and it will be my eternal desire! She is the real OLYMPiC MUSE THALiA, and I asked her, where she holds the DOOOM. Then some time later I asked her where she holdz the TRANSiTiON. iZO FACTO.

The answeres are our PHUNKY secretz, just ask me, and You can friendly know it …. [if You dare!}

In the early midnight morning of the 26th December 2016; the first hourz of my own birthday our first child was born as a lucky smiling baby!


At all there is so much to tell You about my fantastic and jiggy adventure explorationiz, of course yO!

Hope we can stay tuned until soon, dear Friendz!



* * * * * * *