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He approached her with a witty question about the perdition and she was not only able to answer it, but offered really interesting views on life and love and the really important other questions.

seite11 Schlafender Untergrund 1024x1024

#11 Sleeping Underground

It was just a question of time until they fell in love at the backbench of bus no. 13. This intense connection shook more than the world of only these two individuals.

Solus Elnefial made a special soundtrack for this drawing!

Times were changing, and the world came closer to a transformation than ever before. Deep down somewhere in the universe sleeping forces where about to become awake… Madame Zeweçkasul and Dr. Brillenschnitzel often used the bus from that day on and came closer and closer, but they agreed not to reveal all secrets to each other before the time was due.

Unter der Oberfläche der Städte vermutet man vielleicht nichts als einen düsteren Untergrund. Was niemand ahnt, ist, dass dort tatsächlich Unvorstellbares schlummert und die Stunde des Erwachens nicht fern ist…

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