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The day Madame Zeweçkasul visited Dr. Brillenschnitzel for the first time was a special day.

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#12 Dead End

Usually she had to leave the bus at the last stop where all passengers have to leave. Here the busdriver closes all doors and silently cleans his bus for the next tour. But he had befriended Nekrophilius and allowed him – and only him – to stay in the bus for the last route after closing time, where he would drop him at the remote house Brillenschnitzel called his home.

They had often talked about this exceptional mansion with all the interesting strange collections and evidences he had carried together in the last years, but Nekrophilius was afraid to invite Mme Zeweçkasul, because his research had entered a dangerous phase. He always told her he needed some more time to finish his studies first, but the day she could visit him would come.

As a promise he presented her a key. Eventually she became curious and couldn’t wait any longer! The mysterious circumstances tempted her to make a surprise visit on her own. So that afternoon she took the bike to follow the bus secretly…

Damit wäre das dritte Kapitel erreicht. Freude, Überraschung und nun Angst.

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